Baby Beans

Encourage the water experience


Fun and captivating experience to build confidence in the water.

Baby Beans (2 – 18 months)

  • Core (2 months to 9/12 months)
  • Advanced (9/12 months to 16/18 months)

Our ‘Baby Beans’ programme is extra special. Our themed lessons will take you on weekly “Aqua Adventures” that will introduce key water and life-saving skills in a way that is stimulating, fun, varied, captivating and unforgettable for both baby AND you.



Whether it’s zooming to the moon or exploring the deep blue sea, our lessons have been expertly designed to capture active imaginations and to provide a unique sensory environment. This is key to stimulating learning and enhancing physical and mental development.

All our lessons are structured to ensure steady progression as your little one develops. The classes focus on building confidence in the water ensuring that these early water experiences are magical and positive.

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Teaching little ones to swim the fun way.

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