Newborn Harmony

Reconnect and engage with the womb experience

Newborn Harmony

Providing a calm, gentle and harmonious introduction to the water provides an optimal foundation to creating positive water experiences that will last a lifetime.

In the first couple of months of a baby’s life, exposure to the water is extremely beneficial but, here at Aqua Beans, we do not believe that they are ready for the strict conditioning drills and exercises that some baby swim schools encourage.

Instead, our unique ‘Newborn Harmony’ sessions allow your baby to reconnect to their womb experience whilst providing you with very precious bonding time together.

We will teach you how to handle your baby in a supportive and relaxed way allowing them the freedom to move in the water and enjoy a unique sensory experience. You will be amazed at how quickly they will embrace the water.


As your confidence grows, we will teach you how to float with your baby balanced on your chest and show you various movements and practices to help you baby progress from involuntary reflexes to voluntary positive movements.

The sessions benefit both you and baby. After the classes your baby will be relaxed and will probably feed and sleep well and you will feel much more confident in handling your tiny bundle of joy.

Please note, to ensure that the enjoyment created by calm, relaxed floatation is the primary focus, we do not introduce formal submersions during these sessions.

Sessions last 30 minutes during which you will spend approximately 20 minutes in the water (the recommended length of time a child of this age should be in the water per STA guidelines) with additional relaxation exercises before and after your water experience.

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