Pre-School Beans

Learning Independence


At this stage children are consolidating all the skill they have learnt in the previous stages and are starting to become independent swimmers. These sessions are specially designed as the last stages of parent and child swimming before they start independent lessons without you in the pool along side them.

Pre-School Beans

(2.5/3 – 4 years)

Our ‘Pre-School Beans’ programme will grow your little one into a confident and independent swimmer.

Lessons have been specially designed to capture your pre-schooler’s extensive imagination and to maximise learning through play.

Our Pre- School Beans will join us on weekly “Aqua Adventures” from walking the pirate ship plank to floating away in a hot air balloon. Our songs, games and role play will inspire both you and your little one.

The Pre-School Beans programme is great for all childern from 2.5/3 years to 4 years. Please contact us if you are not sure about your perfect fit and we will be happy to help.

Please note, the Pre-School Beans classes are part of our Baby & Pre-School programme which are parent- child lessons. This means that an adult will need to be in the water with your child. If your little one is ready to swim without an adult in the water, then take a look at our Swim Academy programme.


Magical Journey

The adventures you share together in the pool will be uniquely special.

You will watch your little one make their first independent and unaided strokes which, for many parents, is as special and memorable as the moment that they took their first wobbly steps.

Join us on this very special and magical journey today.

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